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Hourly Comics Day 2017

Annotations are under cut tags; you'll probably want to click the pictures to make 'em big, I'm still trying out this new thing. (Form is in the style of Awkward Zombie who is much better at making comics and you should read her stuff if you like video games.)

2017 Hourly Comics Page 1

February 1, 2017
*sunrise light!* 7:59am
93.1 FM: James Earl Jones is reading Langston Hughes.
"Let America be the dream the dreamers dreamed...
(It never was America to me.)

me typing: "I'm going to tweet about how I'm not using Twitter today"
me, frowning at 3 immediate Twitter beeps: "this was my best idea"

me: THIS COFFEE IS AWFUL *hate-drinking*
Melbourne Breakfast to the rescue! (A mug of tea with an aura of "vanilla!" and hearts)

My desk speaker: "then you sprinted away, sprinted away to where I don't know..."
Me: I wish everybody knew how good this obscure folk song from '09 is
[n.b.: the black cat is a stuffie Amie gave me from Japan ^_^]

West Coast Workday Start! omg I <3 triage days
me, looking a bit over the top cheerleader, with my triage captain hat: "go team!" "u can do it"

2017 Hourly Comics Page 2

~ s h i f t m g m t ~
me: clicking mouse repeatedly, copy-pasting, adding slack reactions to things
me: more of the same, except Flight of the Conchords earworm (arrow drawn over to a pair of business socks)

heating up leftover chili!
finding art pencils!
me: rummaging through Amie's art supplies: "which ones make lines?!"

me in my office, concerned & thinking & looking at laptop: watching a meeting in SF
answered support tickets, earned BEAR MOUNT in habitica!
(me, blissfully riding bear: "it's purpllllle")

me, eating cheese balls: still hungry
Roger, pawing at cheese balls: always hungry
(caption: "how do you draw laps")

Roger, curled up in ball, zzz: "cat on me"

2017 Hourly Comics Page 3

meeting with my manager: business business business business OH GOD POLITICS business (etc)...
Kiddo is home! Amie: "Mom I drew a thing! also I see you used my pencils"

me, with my stats reflected in my glasses: did I do okay today? was it enough?
me, closing work laptop: yup
[n.b.: I work from 8:30ish-5:30ish]

Drawing is more difficult than I remember...but I learned this today. (samples of pencil names and weights/textures)

BURGERS WITHOUT BUNS (my burger with cheese, ketchup & relish. carrots & fancy fries on the side.)
Jason: "I think we have gluten-free bread?"
me: "It's OK! Fork & knife is fine"
[n.b.: we just didn't have GF buns. and I get grossed out eating burgers on sliced bread for a weird reason I can't explain]

Amie: "mom I can teach you" me, at laptop: "k"
45 minutes later, 12 measures. (2 measures drawn here.) me: this is inefficient

2017 Hourly Comics Page 4

Jason, wrangling Roger, is the first person to have a neck drawn on them today: "Alright Roger, time for your meds!"
me: "Look hon: I drew you a neck."
Jason: "Cool! I'm going to bed.

LUSH TIME YAY (candle lit)

me, crocheting my Temperature Blanket: good, it was the same color today that it was yesterday
mst3k's Space Mutiny is on TV. me, turning out light: good night David Ryder

me, turning light back on: "DUOLINGO. OOPS"
my tablet: "Cada noche. Every night."

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So much kitty!!!
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Haha, the Duolingo oops at the end is me, every day, with habits I try to build.