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Carrie ([personal profile] carrie) wrote2010-12-31 10:39 am

found via tricycle daily dharma

Fault-finding comes from Fear

Whenever we find fault with others, whether through anger, contemptuous certainty, self-righteousness, or gossip, it is often based in fear. We may not be aware of our fears, but when we look deeply, we may discover the fear of rejection, loss of control, of unworthiness, or the fear of disconnection. But refraining alone is not enough by itself - it is just behavior modification - and it is neither healing nor transformative. Only through uncovering and consciously entering into the deep hole inside, welcoming the fear with curiosity and compassion, can we ultimately reconnect with the basic wholeness of our true nature.

-Ezra Bayda, "Quotable: On Right Speech"

Co-signed. Underlined. Worthy of a public post.