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30 day Music Meme Stolen from Everyone. (Will they all be public? We'll see. I like having public entries when I can. But I'll try to tell a story with each so that I make content along with filling in the blanks, so I can't always guarantee they'll be unlocked.)

Day 1: Your favorite song.

No contest.

I picked up this group called Barenaked Ladies from hanging out with Katherine in college. Katherine loved to sing "Life, In a Nutshell" because it talked about blue-green eyes, which she had. I brought a blank cassette over one day and dubbed myself a copy of her Rock Spectacle CD so that I could have some cool Canadian music too. (They were still relatively obscure, but that was all about to change...)

And then, back in my dorm room, I was cuddled up on my bed just listening to the album with the intent purpose of paying attention to BNL's clever lyrics. By the time they got to the bridge of this song, silent tears were just falling down my face.

I spent a lot of time in college -- especially my senior year -- staring up at the ceiling in my dorm room, trying to hold it together. I had a recurring dream of standing at my 5th floor window, watching my friends fly away to do what made them happy. But my feet were stuck to the ground. Everyone left into the blue sky except for me. I couldn't fly and I had nowhere to go.

I wish I could fly, from this building, from this wall / and if I should try, would you catch me if I fall?

Come May I had nowhere to go but to walk down two aisles: once for a double BA and a handshake, and once more for my M.R.S. and a kiss. I'd end up working at a coffee shop, becoming the chica del cafè, claiming a third identity for myself. And I still had the cassette tape I'd dubbed off of Katherine, and it was always on in my car going to and from work at Caribou.

At a guitar lesson a few months ago I sheepishly asked to learn this song as "it's sorta my favorite". My (endlessly patient & talented) teacher took me through it as "You gotta know your favorite song." My creativity -- my music, my stories, the elaborate movies and plays that I dream -- that's where my real fear is. Fear of failure. Like the executives stuck in their boardroom afraid of what would happen if they ever got out of there.

I want to be the window washer afraid of heights but who braves the fear because there are masterpieces to be made and making masterpieces is possible.

Day 2: A song that makes you cry.
Day 3: A song that makes you dance.
Day 4: Your favorite male singer.
Day 5: Your favorite female singer.
Day 6: Your favorite band.
Day 7: One band/singer you're ashamed to admit you like.
Day 8: One band/singer whose popularity you will never understand.
Day 9: A song that reminds you of an ex.
Day 10: A song that reminds you of your father.
Day 11: A song that reminds you of your mother.
Day 12: A song that makes you want to have sex.
Day 13: A song you sing in the shower.
Day 14: A song from the year you were born.
Day 15: A song you liked in high school.
Day 16: The first song in your mp3 folder.
Day 17: The last song in your mp3 folder.
Day 18: An instrumental song you like.
Day 19: Your favorite love song.
Day 20: Your favorite breakup song.
Day 21: A song that makes you want to break stuff.
Day 22: Your favorite song from a movie.
Day 23: Your favorite duet.
Day 24: Your favorite cover song.
Day 25: Your favorite song from 2010 (so far)
Day 26: Your favorite movie video.
Day 27: One song in your mp3 folder you're pretty sure no one else has.
Day 28: One song that needs to never be played again.
Day 29: One song that gives you the creeps.
Day 30: A song you'd like played at your funeral.

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